Danburite: A Stone for February

danburite 5

Clear danburite termination

Danburite is a crystal of intense clarity and high vibration. It often forms in colourless chisel-shaped crystals and transmits a very high spiritual frequency. It is named after Danbury, Connecticut where is was first identified in 1839. For me, it carries the energy of a crisp, clear winter sky— unencumbered by clouds, yet very much ringing with the brisk, cleansing forces of air and wind—the mental faculties of intellect and intuition. Danburite is pure starlight crystallized. It carries the message of innate divine wisdom—that all organic material in the Universe is a manifestation of the same waves of pranic energy—quantum strings—forged in the furnace of the Great Central Sun in the moments before the Big Bang. All material in the Universe originated within an infinitesimal space, and has been expanding ever since in the great Spiral Wheel. Danburite sheds light to remind us of this, bringing its message of love, assisting in the ascension to fifth-dimensional One-ness.

On a more personal level, danburite creates room for lightness of being. I feel it is an appropriate crystal for this time of year because of this cleansing ability it lends our consciousness. We often begin bouts of “spring cleaning” in our physical spaces—the home or office—but seldom do most people consider the value in clearing the space of the mind. The mental space uncluttered and intentionally cleansed in this way creates room for expanded awareness and for us to safely embark on further astral work—creating experiences and setting goals in the astral realm as a means of future manifestation. The astral planes are the realms between pure consciousness and physical reality. When we visit this place with our minds, we plant seeds of what can manifest, provided we invest the correct energy on the physical plane to facilitate its manifestation. Danburite allows this expansion to take place. By working with this crystal’s majestic, clear energy, we open the window of the mind and allow mental chatter and clutter to be cleared as if with a refreshing breeze. Eliminating the accumulated debris of the mind, we are able to eradicate that which is unnecessary for future growth.

Pink danburite

Pink danburite

While the best quality pieces form colourless terminations, danburite is often an opaque white, and frequently tinged with a subtle pink hue. This pink variety of danburite resonates particularly with the heart. It facilitates a protected space of healing from past emotional or spiritual wounds. It emanates the energy of self-love in order to hold the heart space safely and securely. By extension, in its ministry of Cosmic One-ness, it teaches love for all sentient beings.

In much the same way as garnet, as I explored in the previous post, links the Heart and Root Chakras, danburite links the Heart and Crown Chakras. Its higher frequency doesn’t imply a better quality, but rather that it works to open channels between the emotional and spiritual bodies more so than between the emotional and physical bodies. It is important to honour the movement of energy in both directions in order to achieve balance and harmony in all aspects of life. Linking the Heart and the Crown is a very important endeavor, as it opens our capacities to receive and transmit love as fully conscious beings. On the Tree of Life this is the pathway between Tiphereth and Kether that takes us from Eros—physical love—to Agape—spiritual love. Danburite facilitates the opening of the Crown Chakra and links us with the Soul Star, a transpersonal energy centre about 12 inches above the head. This is the Fountain of Golden Light that generates the halo—the conduit of Sahasrara—the Thousand-Petalled Lotus. In this way, danburite links us with the angelic realm, connecting us with the Higher Self—what the Theosophists called the Holy Guardian Angel—known in ancient Egypt as the Khu. Danburite also transmits communication with the Star People—the Pleiadians, Sirians, and Arcturians—light beings of higher dimensional realms than our own. These astral relationships are forged to facilitate paradigm shifts as these entities bring to our consciousness insight that we, in the third dimension, don’t usually have accessible to us.

"Paradiso" from Doré's illustrations of Dante

“Celestial Rose” from Doré’s illustrations of Dante’s “Paradiso”

To work with danburite and become acquainted with your Holy Guardian Angel, I would like to offer a guided meditation, one I call the Crystal Stair. Create a safe and sacred space for yourself. Turn off your phone, play music if you feel it aids your relaxation, light a white candle—do what you intuitively sense to establish an environment unique for the work you are about to do. Sit in a comfortable position, or lay down, and close your eyes. If seated hold the danburite crystal in the palm of your hand or to your heart. If laying down, place the crystal on your brow. Begin by focusing on your breath—inhale deeply through the nose, allow your abdomen to expand. When your intake of breath feels complete, slowly contract your diaphragm and exhale through the mouth. Take each breath as a count of one—follow your own rhythm—and repeat to the count of ten. Slowly begin to focus inward and allow any daily ambitions and distractions to fade away. Begin to envision a silver cord rising from the crown of your head, if seated, from your brow if laying. This silver cord is your soul’s connection with cosmic consciousness. If, at any time during this meditation, you feel lost or confused you can return to a waking state via the silver cord—it is your personal connection. Sense your consciousness gently rising from its physical container—beyond your home, rising above your street, your city—through the outer reaches of our atmosphere, look back at the Earth—the Gaian bubble—our mortal home. Allow your consciousness to hold an awareness of the earth’s sacred power—as you look down hold this awareness of family, of ancestry, of evolution. Be aware of your part in this evolution. As you pass through our solar system hold an awareness of our sun’s great power, but also that every star you see ahead of you in the cosmic depths is also a sun. As you enter the sparse reaches past Pluto and Eris, greet the guardian spirits of our solar system—the many bizarre objects of the Kuiper belt—the exoplanets science continues to discover—they traverse the threshold into galactic space. You see our system’s nearest star—Proxima Centauri—as you pass further regions, perceiving the great spiral arms of the Milky Way. Beyond our galaxy you feel yourself shift away from physical, bodily awareness—you become an etheric being of pure consciousness. As you float watching a sea of distant galaxies, the silver cord extends beyond you and transforms into a crystal staircase ascending into a cascade of starlight. The destination ahead is safe and your consciousness is drawn up the stairs and passes through the veil of light—this is a dimensional transition and you sense your awareness permeated by the pure radiance. On the other side of the starlit veil a guide has come to greet you. Take a moment to acknowledge this being and what they have to offer you. What do they look like? How do you interact? Is there a message? A gift? This being escorts you along a path of starlight. You reach a destination and stand facing each other. In this moment you are One. Sense the great light at the centre of all existence, in the core of every star, in the nucleus of every cell, within your heart, and within the being before you. Spend as much time as you like communing with this guide. Know that in this space of higher awareness you possess the ability to allow all concern and worry to fall away—you are safe and looked out for. By reaching beyond the starlit veil you, in effect, swept away unnecessary mental clutter in order to take the next steps into this realm. When you feel the time is right, walk back with them beyond the starlit veil. Thank them for their wisdom and guidance and descend the crystal stairs. Once again becoming aware of physical space, you see the distant galaxies before you and your consciousness begins to return to a bodily state. You follow the silver cord back to your home and sacred space. Become aware of the danburite crystal and know it contains the energy and information of the astral journey on which your consciousness just embarked. Take note of anything you feel is important from this meditation. The guide you encountered is an energetic being—an Invisible—that you can develop a relationship with. Repeat this type of meditation as often as you feel compelled. You can continue to use the danburite crystal as a catalyst for these experiences, or carry it when you wish to remember your astral journey. The crystal will help create an energetic link that you can always employ in order to revisit the Crystal Stair.

Tiphereth to Kether—Christ consciousness

Tiphereth to Kether—Christ consciousness


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