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Green Fluorite: A Stone for March


Green fluorite’s cubic structure

Fluorite is a colourful and vibrant crystal of the mineral calcium fluoride. Its crystalline habit is often cubic or octahedral, producing beautiful geometric structures. It occurs in a rainbow of colours—green, violet, yellow, blue, etc. Sometimes several colours occur at once, producing what is known as rainbow fluorite. As each colour variety of fluorite has unique energetic patterns, I will, for the purposes of this entry, be focusing solely on green fluorite and its wonderfully vibrant and uplifting quality. The name fluorite derives from the Latin roots fluor and fluere which mean “the flow of water”. Often with crystal healing, I like to turn to the etymology of the names of the crystals themselves, especially if the name possesses roots from ancient languages, often, as with most of the sciences, Latin or Greek. These root words give much insight to how the ancient and early modern cultures interpreted the meaning, purpose, and energetic quality of a stone or crystal. The –ite suffix of most crystals simply means “stone” or “rock”. Therefore, fluorite means “flowing stone” or “stone flowing like water”. Anyone who works with crystal energy can tell you how appropriate a name this is for the subtle quality of fluorite. On the Mohs scale of hardness, fluorite is quite soft—a 4—which also lends a very special nature to the energy of this lovely mineral. Also, fluorite, and its frequent colour change under ultraviolet light, gave its name to the phenomena of fluorescence. A further unique quality of fluorite is its habit of occasionally growing on top or along side of other minerals. This speaks to the crystal’s extreme adaptability and versatility. For all these reasons, fluorite is often recommended as a fundamental crystal for any healing collection, or for someone who is interested in beginning an exploration of crystal energy. In general terms, fluorite—like calcite—is readily available and quite inexpensive—with the exception of rarer varieties and formations.


Cubic green fluorite cluster

Green fluorite resonates strongly with the Heart—Anahata Chakra—the deep-seated Heart of the Earth—of Gaia Herself. For me, a piece of green fluorite embodies the biosphere of Earth wholly within it—the Macro within the Micro. The soft expansiveness of green fluorite is like a heartbeat in the way its energetic emanations flow from within. It allows our hearts to begin the process of shedding ego and stepping into a place of authentic vulnerability. It holds a space of safety and refuge from the outside world, enabling an exploration of our inner landscapes. Green fluorite can aid in developing trust—trust of one’s self and trust in others—so that vulnerability can be inhabited without seeming like such a high-risk stake. This exploration of vulnerability is paramount to any exploration of the Shadow. Green fluorite is an appropriate crystal to work with during the spring—the season of stepping out from the hibernation of winter. As the buds and blossoms of trees begin to unfurl, so does green fluorite coax the Heart from its protective vessel following deep journeys to the Underworld following the Winter Solstice. It brings softness and aids the diffusion of residual tension or traumatic stress. Green fluorite’s energy is highly is nurturing and expansive, fostering growth, safety, and trust.

fluorite octo

Fluorite octahedron

The approaching Vernal Equinox affords us a time of balance and evaluation, providing an opportunity to synchronize ourselves with this energy and let go of things no longer serving our development and create space for new experiences to be formed. Green fluorite will aid this transition, promoting from within only those things which grow from a heart-centred space of love and trust. Fluorite can hold for us the strength and stability of the crux of the solar glyph—the astrological sigil of Earth, peace, and equilibrium—as we shake off the doldrums of winter, creating space and freshness within our being, and cultivating the confidence to move forward with inner trust. One of the keywords for green fluorite is gentility. Just as the spring awakens subtly below the below the ground and within the buds of trees and flowers, so too can green fluorite facilitate the awakening of latent energies within us. This crystal possesses a strong sensitivity, it is not going to allow forces to come crashing into your life, rather hold you in a state of safe awareness and the need for change becomes clearer.

I work extensively with crystals and stones to access information and insight from archetypes, and green fluorite is no exception. For me, the energetic signature of green fluorite resonates particularly strongly with Hathor—the Egyptian goddess of love, beauty, peace, aesthetics, and humanity itself. Hathor is an energetic archetype particularly present during our current tumultuous era to assist with the shift of consciousness taking place on Earth. She is aiding the return to Oneness and overseeing the dissolution of binary systems that fixate factions against one another, creating only tension and turmoil. Hathor’s energy channeled through green fluorite can be felt dramatically. The softness and gentility of this crystal is the perfect conduit to invite and hold the essence of such an archetype. Likewise, I also find green fluorite has aided my relationship with Green Tara—the Tibetan bodhisattva of the Earth itself, from whose essence the world is engendered. Both these entities exist within a high vibrational field elevated beyond the mundane, yet still readily accessible to those to seek them and green fluorite can assist this communion.

green tara

Green Tara—Tibetan bodhisattva of the Earth itself


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