Herkimer Diamond: A Stone for June

Double-terminated Herkimer Diamond

Double-terminated Herkimer Diamond

Herkimer diamonds are a variety of clear quartz crystals found specifically in Herkimer County, New York. The misnomer “diamond” is due to the high, brilliant clarity of these quartz crystals. They primarily occur in dolomite outcrops under extreme geologic pressure that gives them such extreme clarity—often called water-clear—and also explains their small size. Herkimer diamonds—or “Herks”—rarely form in clusters like larger types of clear quartz. They are often singular, double-terminated crystals, a structure that further influences their very unique energetic signature. They form under such intense pressure, they carry a highly concentrated vibratory frequency. I have always seen them as precious seeds of Infinite Space. That through this pressurized formation, the Herkimer diamond is a conduit of universal energy—as is all quartz—and condensed further and further into these tiny crystals. When holding these powerhouse crystals in the palm of your hand or to the Third Eye, the pulse of energy they emit is very palpable. I’ve always likened them to the “bounded nutshell” Hamlet experiences, yet still considering himself “king of infinite space.” The special energy of Herkimer diamonds embodies the “As Above, So Below” maxim of western occultism. Within the small space of the tiny, dense crystal itself is contained the entire Cosmos—all consciousness within and without our bodies—our planet—our three finite dimensions of physical space—but also the infinite, expanding dimensions of the Ain Soph—the limitless, unbounded realms of Pure Consciousness. By working with the wisdom of these crystals, we can begin to open the gates of awareness that connect us with the Cosmos—the All—and each other as infinite sentient beings.

June is the month when, in the Northern Hemisphere, we experience the Summer Solstice. I’ve chosen Herkimer diamond for this particular month as I sense the condensed cosmic spark contained within these quartz crystals is the same condensed cosmic spark our own Sun embodies on yet a more macrocosmic level. Whether the Sun of our planetary system, the gravitational centre of our wheeling galaxy, or the seat of our own individual, and collective, consciousness/es, these centres of being are the fiery furnaces of creation. It is at the Summer Solstice, on June 21, that we experience the zenith of solar power on Earth. At this time the Sun rides highest through the Sky, the days are longest, and we are filled with the animating, intelligent pranic energy of the Sun radiating upon us. During this time, we are able to plug in, in a sense—connecting and recharging our own energy bodies—emotional, physical, spiritual, etc.—and synchronize ourselves with Cosmic Oneness.