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Selenite: A Stone for December


Rough clear selenite

Selenite, sometimes called Satin Spar, is a crystalline form of gypsum that is extremely unique in its structure and capabilities. When you hold a piece—a sphere or palmstone—in your hand it will quickly absorb your body heat and seem to radiate energy itself. A 2 on the Mohs Scale of Hardness, it is so soft it can be scratched by a fingernail and will slowly crumble if left in water. Because of its soft, pearly white lustre, selenite was named after the Moon, selene, in Greek. The goddess of the moon, Selene was the daughter of the Titans Hyperion and Theia and sister to the sun god, Helios, and goddess of the dawn, Eos. Selene was given the epithet Phoebe, meaning bright. Selene herself is one guise of a triple lunar goddess—Selene is the face of the full moon, Artemis the waxing crescent moon, and Hecate the waning crescent. In legend, Selene fell in love with Endymion, a mortal shepherd. In order for her to be with him, Zeus caused a death-like sleep to fall on Endymion, who Selene nightly visits in an eternal tryst.

4931: Selene and Endymion (ceiling). Ny Carlsberg Glyptotek, Copenhagen.

Selene & Endymion, Erasmus Quellin 1897

Likewise, the mineral selenite can bring to our unconscious selves, our subtle bodies, and psyche great peace and tranquility. It is an indispensable spiritual tool for soothing and calming any stale, outmoded, or negative energy. The story of Selene strongly connects the mineral with the magick of moonlight—the Otherworld, the Astral, the non-physical. By clearing our energy fields and providing a suitable, sacred environment it connects us with the Higher Self—the Holy Guardian Angel according to the Theosophists. This is the extent of our personal etheric body, it is the most angelic, Christ-like nature of our individual consciousnesses.

Selenite, because of its ability for absorption and diffusion, will radiate pure Light through the darkest period of the solar year. As the Sun approaches its nadir at the Winter Solstice, selenite will aid in providing a soft and kind reminder that the shadows of winter are not all-encompassing—that on the longest night, when the darkness seems impenetrable, there remains a soft, silky flicker of white light. Selenite can be used to cleanse and charge the aura with this pure Cosmic Light. It will work to bring space to the auric field, decompressing any densities that have accumulated during the active part of the year. Here at the Winter Solstice, we find ourselves in moments of quiet stillness as the light of the Sun decreases, the seasons of snow and rain commence and we turn inward to reflect on the preceding season of growth and activity. The darkness of the Winter Solstice—Yuletide—is an appropriate time to begin work to remove lingering shadow elements from the psyche. The rebirth of the Sun is an auspicious time for new beginnings and the setting of intentions. It is important to harness the natural energies of the Cosmos to aid and guide our own journeys. Work with selenite to remove stale influences, unproductive thoughts, and addictive patterns.

selenite spheres

Carved selenite spheres

Selenite wands can be extremely helpful with clearing unnecessary and unwanted energetic blocks from the personal auric field. Because of its natural structure, selenite is very readily carved into long wand-like shapes. The purpose of the magick wand is to act as an extension of your own will, to gently command your intention into being by channeling it with the flow of Universal Energy—prana, qi, or ki—through the wand. A selenite wand itself will draw in and collect energy densities in the same way cotton candy sticks to the baton. Whenever I feel an incorrect energetic build-up around me, I like to scan my body with a long, flat selenite wand. As I do this I imagine in my mind’s sight that the soft, shimmery selenite is dissolving all worries and concerns, leaving space available in the field for new growth. As a result of this work, your aura will scintillate, expand, and hold a greater affinity for newness and initiation. Where space has been created, new energy will flow. This method of aeration will bolster and buffer your own energy field— if you feel depleted it can refresh and tone the energies in your life. The power of selenite to then dismantle and dissolve the densities it absorbs from your field is nearly miraculous. It is often called the only self-clearing crystal. While this is said by many, I still clear selenite with sound every time I use it. In my experience, I have found that because of its softness and tendency for simultaneous absorption/diffusion, selenite itself is a vulnerable substance to the influence of the energy around it. For that reason, I always clear selenite with the crisp sound of Tibetan tingshas.


Raw selenite wand

I’ve been combining my work with crystals lately with elements of practice from Tantra and Kundalini, namely mantra and pranayama. Both of these spiritual tools will increase the flow of energy in and around your aura. Both focusing and controlling the mind and breath with these techniques, you can infuse your intention for the new year with the power of your vital essence. Pranayama—breathwork—and mantra—chanting—work to manipulate and increase the flow and quality of prana. In Vedic tradition, prana is not just the breath, but your vital life force, what in China is called qi and in Japan ki. One of my favourite ways of balancing the energy channels of the body is Circular Nostril Breath pranayam. This simple exercise brings balance to the central energy highway of our bodies—the spinal column—by charging us with alternating breaths from each nostril. The left nostril is associated with Yin—Ida nadi, the Feminine—and is named Chandra bhedana after the Moon. Likewise, the right nostril is linked with Yang—Pingala nadi, the Masculine—and is called Surya bhedana after the Sun. Circular breath is accomplished by sitting in a comfortable cross-legged asana with the tongue pulled to the roof of the mouth. Close your eyes and focus your inner attention at the Third Eye in the centre of your brow. Use your right thumb to close your right nostril. Draw breath in through your left nostril, hold. Remove your thumb from the right side, and now close your left nostril with your index finger. Exhale through your right nostril. Keep the left side closed, and inhale through the right side. Release the left nostril and continue to repeat the process for as long as you need. Three minutes is long enough to put you in a refreshed and transformed state.


Om Mani Padme Hum

A pranayama practice can be combined with mantra to further enhance the experience. Chanting mantras stills and focuses the mind. The slow vibratory nature of the chants refreshes the aura with our own unique pure sound. You can recite chants along with music, or entirely on your own. You can chant silently in your head, or out loud, depending on your needs and desire. The mantra gives our mind something to focus on with sacred intent, allowing the accumulation of hectic mundane reality to fall away and recede for the duration of the practice. One of my favourite mantras is to the Bodhisattva of Compassion—Avalokitesvara—who is depicted with 1000 hands as a gesture—mudra—of limitless and enduring blessing. OM MANI PADME HUM are the six sacred syllables of this Tibetan mantra which means “I honour the Jewel in the Lotus.” The jeweled-lotus is an image of the bodhisattva, and also refers to our inner reflection—that the innately distilled jewel within each of us illuminates the world. There is also a longer version of the Avalokitesvara mantra that I have become particularly fond of:

Namo Ratna Trayaya, Namo Arya Jnana,
Sagara, Vairochana, Byuhara Jara Tathagataya,
Arahate, Samyaksam Buddhaya,
Namo Sarwa Tathagate Bhyay,
Arhata Bhyah, Samyaksam Buddhe Bhyah,
Namo Arya Avalokite, Shoraya Bodhisattvaya,
Maha Sattvaya, Maha Karunikaya,
Tadyata, Om Dhara Dhara,
Dhiri Dhiri, Dhuru Dhuru,
Itte We, Itte Chale, Chale,
Purachale, Purachale,
Kusume, Kusuma, Wa Re,
Ili Milli, Chiti Jvalam, Apanaye Shoha.

Mantras can be recited with a mala—prayer beads—to count the 108 standard repetitions per cycle. By adding these simple practices with crystals, breath, and sound to our daily lives we can begin to usher in new modes of consciousness, new understandings of self, and, as a result, new understandings of each other and our relations.


Avalokitesvara—bodhisattva of compassion

crystal healing, Holistic health and wellness

Shungite: A Stone for November

Raw shungite

Raw shungite

Shungite is a mineraloid from Karelia, Russia and named after the village of Shunga near where it was discovered. It is 98% carbon which relates it energetically to jet, another mineraloid with a similar carbon composition. Deposits of shungite have only been found in regions of northern Russia. Extremely light to hold, the density, texture, and luster of shungite is very unique, setting it apart from other minerals and stones immediately upon touch. The purifying effect of shungite has long been known. In 18th-century Russia, Peter the Great established a spa in the region shungite was mined to advocate the use of the mineral’s water-purifying capabilities. Its properties can be most easily used to create a crystal or gem elixir. An elixir is created by energetically charging a glass or jar of water with the transmutational capacities of shungite. By placing a tumbled piece in a glass water bottle for at least 12 hours, you can energetically filter the water before consumption. Shungite is also excellent for dampening electromagnetic interference from cell phones and wifi. If you are sensitive to EMF radiation, placing a grid of shungite around your apartment, your bed, or just a wireless router will absorb much of the unhealthy inference you may feel in your personal subtle field. By extension, shungite allows our bodies to detoxify themselves from negative conditioning in order to prepare us to align with the true spiritual nature of Light. Shungite subtly works to restructure our bodies on a quantum level.

Shungite pyramid

Shungite pyramid

Due to its carbon fullerene composition, shungite connects us with our most ancient genetic ancestry. Carbon, present in and fundamental to all living organisms, gives us an organic blueprint to trace our most ancient genealogies. It taps us into the evolutionary lineage of Earth itself, linking us directly with the primordial single-celled invertebrates swimming in the dark Precambrian seas—back in the depths of unfathomable time. In this way, shungite will aid us in ego-dismantling endeavours, taking us to an aeon of abundant emptiness—pre-culture, pre-language, pre-industry—long before human interference. It is here our collective consciousness can rest—nameless, faceless, formless—and exist as Pure Being, inextricably linked to All. Shungite, being such a potent detoxifier, can also facilitate unprecedented healing with the capacity to clear millennia of genetic programming. In order to make the shift into fifth-dimensional consciousness, there is first a necessity for repairing our very DNA that carries these programs of behaviour and thought. We have unconsciously come to embody the Patriarchy to such an extent that we carry it in our genetic structure. Written in our very bodies, too long have we been encoded with its incorrect paradigm for our current time—that the primary mode of being is one fixed on scarcity and competition, and thereby predicated solely on survival. The alternative to this is cooperation and communication as tactics for communities to form around collective goals to generate abundance and prosperity for all sentient beings.

Kundalini rising up the Spinal Column

Kundalini rising up the Spinal Column

Shungite can work to aid us in dismantling centuries of ubiquitous conditioning and begin to slough off the husks of subjugation and create new sacred and sovereign habitations within us—ones in which we honour the importance of remaining aware of the power of our individual spiritual agency. We all possess the ability to shapeshift out of/away from the patriarchal, capitalist illusion that seems to permeate Western culture, thereby dominating the current Collective Dream on Earth itself. However, as shamans from all world traditions have been saying, we’ve been dreaming the wrong dream for too long and can see the horrific repercussions manifesting everywhere. There is a need to grant permission for the new dream to form—admittedly amorphous—with the potential to usher unprecedented freedom and expression. This can only be arrived at and truly claimed by the individual through their own experiences and desire. The challenge is certainly great, to shrug off the yoke of slyly engrained forces and inhabit a much more unknowable mode of being. Shungite can aid this process. It can facilitate the stripping away of the unhealthy advances in technological evolution—providing a direct link to our most primordial essences. The one common element we share with those earliest vertebrate ancestors, is the spine, and even before that, simply the fluid motion of undulation. This is the movement of Shakti—of Kundalini. By connecting with shungite’s deep, grounded Earth energy, it can begin the emancipation of the Sacred Spiral within our being and its coiled dance as it ascends the spinal column—from the Micro scale of the helical structure of DNA, to the Macro revolutions of planets around stars, and the wheeling arms of great galaxies through time. The rising Kundalini lends power to awakening Shakti within us from her long reticence, further empowering the spiritual wisdom of Sophia descending from above. This union of the Sacred Feminine manifests at the heart and emanates outward to the world. The serpentine symbol comes to us from other traditions as well—the Caduceus of Greek tradition is the staff carried by magical Mercury/Hermes Trismegistus. Up the central axis—the spine—are coiling two serpents representing Ida and Pingala—the feminine and masculine energy channels of Vedic and Tantric pranayama. Also, it is the Ouroboros—the ancient primordial serpent, coiled about the World Egg—from the beginning of time and consuming its own ending into eternity. We see this movement of energy in the coiled motion of the Serpent through Eden—seeking out Eve to whisper to her ideas of wisdom free from the patrilinear bureaucracy of God and Adam. Without consulting her sacred consort—out of whom she was reverse-birthed—Eve accedes to wisdom through her own ambition and will. Like Eve, we have to claim this wisdom each for ourselves. It can only be acquired from within—connecting with Muladhara at the base of the spine—the coccyx is the tip of the snake’s tail—allowing our energy to ground into the solid foundations of Gaia, opening the Sacred Gate—mula bandha—the perineal lock—so that we commune in oneness with this ancient essence.

Tumbled shungite stones

Tumbled shungite stones

Since it is so carbon-based, shungite possesses within its atomic structure the energy of once-living material upon the Earth—thus holding an energetic imprint of this spiraling movement through epochs and aeons. It is the result of great metamorphoses driven by the coiled serpentine essence laying dormant in all things. Like coal, shungite’s carbon composition draws in also the power of fire and ignition. By working closely with this substance of the deep earth, we begin to stir and awaken this ancient spirit. The profound transition through densities that occurs during the Kundalini rising aligns us properly with the sustaining quality of Elemental Earth and the material world itself. Our bodies become bridges between Sky and Earth to allow the rebalancing of these forces to take place within ourselves as microcosmic reflections of the Macrocosm. With shungite we can begin the process of delving deep into our ancestral past.

Caduceus of Hermes

Caduceus of Hermes

A significant part of taking this step requires us to allow ourselves to acknowledge spiritual anguish—in many cases hugely subconscious from generations of programmed amnesia. Western medicine invalidates etheric pain since it is not obviously generated by or immediately felt in the body itself. Nonetheless, if left unaddressed for generations it can manifest from the Astral into the physical body as a slow distillation. It is symptomatic of a lack of equilibrium in our lives, and the recent recorded—and not recorded—history of the world as a whole. What we innately know in our soul structure is not being reflected by the external world, thereby cyclically fuelling only a negative worldview focused solely on survival. By existing within such a restrictive paradigm, the possibility for alternate modes of being seems utterly unimaginable. Because of the culture of castration and crucifixion we are indoctrinated into from birth, we see only scarcity, competition, disregard, and apathy reflected back to us. Centuries of slow genetic trauma have been exerted upon us. When we experience trauma—physical, emotional, mental, or spiritual—a part of our soul vacates our being to return to Source. By tapping back into the primal essences of our being, we can begin the process of Soul Retrieval—to seek out the pieces that have left us—not just as individuals, but as a collective race and global organism. Our attention has long been misplaced, now seeking for it solely in all forms of materialism.

To begin to counteract this programming, we can begin to dismantle it first on our most etheric levels—in our least dense bodies. With progressive work, the shift will manifest successively through your subtle system into your physical tissue and structure itself—into your cellular, molecular, and atomic being. I propose a meditative journey to trace back through time—and in many senses, unknit—our genetic threads back to the deep primordial Oneness that pervaded all form and structure. We are beginning a conscious move back to the wisdom of the ancients, connected to the land, the sea, the sky, animals, and the very weather itself. We are moving away from the domineering and oppressive structures of the last 4000 years, and welcoming back the honouring, recognition, and integration of Shakti—the Sacred Feminine.

Sit in darkness, perhaps in a bath with sea salt mixed with vetiver and sandalwood essential oils and the light of a candle Line the bottom of the bathtub with tumbled shungite pebbles. Lay in the water and feel the ancient pulse of primordial Earth begin to awaken in the stones and stir and swirl in the water. Shift your attention inward and focus awareness on your breath. Continue with deep, rhythmic inhalations—drawing in the vital Prana of the Universe, of which you and your breath are an integral part. On the exhalation, remain aware of the opportunity to release that which is no longer necessary for your journey. Hold awareness that the water you are immersed in is absorbing this energy. The water is becoming a liquid portal that allows you to slip out of your current physical body and become merely an essence in the Astral, transcendent through time, as liquid as the water around you. Fix your inner sight on the space between your eyes, gaze inward and upward at your brow and begin to see with your hidden wisdom. Just as the Kundalini rises and stirs within you, it clears all your energy centres on its journey up the spinal column. This connection plugs you into your ancient awareness, free from the imposed jurisdictions of culture that have accrued, obscuring our ability for pure being. Feel the inner eyelid of Ajna Chakra beging to flutter like the sleeping eyelid of a great slumbering dragon. This is Shakti—the forgotten Ouroboros—the circling serpent about the World Egg, ready to birth the New Aeon. Count down in your head from 10 to 1. As you do so, connect with the serpentine energy radiating from the shungite, permeating the water, rising into your sacrum and beginning its journey up the spine. Feel yourself begin to shed layers, beginning with the most densely manifested in the physical world—your body and ego, your name, your career and status. As your spiral back through time, see yourself swirling with the Milky Way—dissolving—witnessing the backward procession of evolution. This is not a returning to ignorance, but rather a shedding of artifice. You are returning to your base nature—that passed on through time from one generation to the next—encoding us individually with the wisdom gathered by the experiences of those informing our makeup. Become aware of the infinite waves of ancestors from whom you are descended—from your grandparents and great-grandparents, back to Australopithicus and the earliest hominids. Travel back further still—mammal to reptile, vertebrate to invertebrate—the simplest soft structures undulating in the ancient briny womb of Tiamat—the primordial sea. Let the water drain from the tub and feel the surface tension—the meniscus—the fleeting edge of now—the moments pull back until you are one with the sediment at the bottom of the ocean—deep in the Abyssal Plane. Simply hold an awareness that here you are the Rainbow Bridge channeling the open, free, and healthy flow of energy between Sky and Earth—Yin and Yang—which we can think of energetic poles, animating the flow of energy between them in the form of the coiling Caduceus in every DNA molecule. When you are ready, lay the shungite stones on your body to allow your awareness to coalesce back into your physical body and move forward with this ambitious but necessary work.