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Tanzanite: A Stone for April


Gem quality tanzanite

Tanzanite grants clarity, that everything becomes crystal clear and your abilities of perception are honed and developed. It activates the seat of our inner wisdom, our intuitive selves—the Third Eye—the pineal gland, Ajna Chakra.

So often we lose the ability to tap into this seat of inner vision, becoming clouded by the illusions of maya surrounding and outwardly informing us in the three-dimensional world.

Awakening the Third Eye isn’t necessarily about developing overt psychic abilities like telekinesis or clairvoyance, but rather learning to trust your own inner wisdom, your innate knowing, without deferring to others for validation.


Rough tanzanite piece

This relationship with tanzanite and learning to hear your wisdom and recognize the moments when it’s coming through are important in resolving issues with trust—mistrust of Self and others—especially if you have experienced situations of being discredited, questioned, or gaslighted. Because our culture is built on competitive drives and models of scarcity, from an early age we are taught there are finite opportunities available in the world, that there is room enough only for the visions of the powerful, we often become pitted against each other in the drive to accomplish and achieve, rather than support and endorse the perspectives and insights of others. This process of learning to trust the information that filters through the shields modern culture has systematically erected in order to dissociate us from our inner knowing, our awareness of our inextricable connection with everything.

This process of stepping into safer spaces by trusting yourself, discovering self-compassion, allowing your wisdom through is also a process in redefining power, how to claim it yourself by living your own inner vision, by manifesting your unique truth in day to day reality you will undoubtedly step into the wisdom of the universe of which you are an integral and wholly valuable part. Sungazing, especially during this time of waxing sunlight, is an amazing technique to begin the awakening of latent energies of the mind. 

Allow the sunlight to fall on your face to shine across your brow warming the skin and bringing a sense of vitality. Sunlight is one of the most powerful forces we can experience on a physical level. It precludes, inititates, and animates all life on Earth, providing for and sustaining through its pranic energy. There are moments when this connection between the pineal and pituitary glands themselves receive sunlight and information. Sungazing in this way even for only short periods allows sunlight to reach these inner structures of the brain, moving through the osseous structure of the head—the frontal and parietal bones. Permeating deep into the central brain to the seat between the cerebellum and the hypothalamus and at the base and central root of the two hemispheres of the brain.


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